Nationwide peace vigils vs deployment to Iraq Thurs 5 March

04 Mar

There are many good reasons for not sending NZ troops to support the US campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq. Thursday 5 March, there will be vigils to express opposition to the deployment:

No military deployment in Iraq: Nationwide peace vigils

Peace vigils calling for increased humanitarian assistance and diplomatic support for Middle East peace processes, and opposing the military deployment to Iraq, will be held around the country at 5pm on Thursday, 5 March, coordinated by Peace Movement Aotearoa. Details for each vigil are included below and available online at and – please share the links, thank you. The details of vigils in other towns and cities will be added to those pages as soon as they are confirmed.

notinourname action station

From action station

I posted about the follies of that deployment here  I quoted Nicky Hager:

We will be helping to fight the internal war, which means all the follies of it and all the things that go wrong. New Zealanders will be a part of- the New Zealand military and Intelligence people will be helping.


It sounds like it’s a clean kind of a job.  It sounds like you can find out where the bad people are and drop some bombs on them and everything will be alright.  By why didn’t that work in Afghanistan? Why is it actually worse in Afghanistan and more dangerous than when we started? Why didn’t it work in the first invasion of Iraq, where it seemed like everything would be alright? And that is, that when you’re trying not to have your own troops hurt, like you were discussing earlier on the programme, and doing it by bombs, you’re bombing into people’s – accidentally, over and over – accidentally with the wrong targets, with families, with people who are going to remember and have revenge. You can’t actually do nation-building, and solve problems, without going into an area and just by dropping bombs.

And opposition party leaders, as quoted by Radio New Zealand:

Green Party co-leader Russel Norman said the West waging wars in the Middle East created the conditions that gave rise to Islamic State in the first place.

“We’re basically putting people in harm’s way; some of our troops will be putting their lives in danger and for what?

“For adding to the problem of Western intervention in the Middle East, which in the past has solved nothing and in fact has made it worse,” Dr Norman said.

Action station has a petition against the deployment.

GPJANZ anti war eight_col_protest

From GPAJNZ blog


Gordon Campbell has published some excellent posts on the issue;

Not the least, there are very many “Lives in the balance” of Kiwis, and Iraqis:


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