This blog is my take on current events, politics, social issues creative productions and popular culture.

Mainstream media in NZ is a failed 4th estate.  It is lacking in providing significant and coherent left wing critiques of current events, politics, and our endangered world.

Cultural productions, especially those of “popular culture” (however, that is defined), are a major influence on the construction and maintenance of social and political values, beliefs and policies. Such productions, and responses to them, also tend to play a significant part in changes to dominant values – either by reflecting or influencing such changes.

I am hoping to explore some of the ways creative productions, especially those of popular culture,  engage with politics and/or social issues.

In hard times, creative productions like music, visual arts, various forms of fiction, and other cultural activities help to sustain us.

At all times, such creativity provide significant channels for communicating, building, sharing and (when necessary) changing our values and the communities that sustain them.

Twitter: @KarolScribe


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