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Images of a peace vigil: “Not in our name!”

The peace vigil at Aotea Square last evening, was peaceful.  Many have explained why John Key’s decision to send (non combat?) troops to Iraq was a poor decision, and undemocratic. Russel Norman had said:

… the West waging wars in the Middle East created the conditions that gave rise to Islamic State in the first place.

“We’re basically putting people in harm’s way; some of our troops will be putting their lives in danger and for what?

“For adding to the problem of Western intervention in the Middle East, which in the past has solved nothing and in fact has made it worse,” Dr Norman said.

A group of people had come to the vigil well prepared with their banners and placards – showing a bit of Kiwi DIY ingenuity. The images below are from the peace vigil.

I am scared of John keys arrogance

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