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The Hillary Clinton TV fictions: “State of Affairs” s01e01

The pilot/season one episode 1 of State of Affairs, is a higher quality production than Madam Secretary (I wrote about this and other Hillary Clinton influenced TV fictions in earlier posts) .

State of Affairs (SoA) draws fairly innovatively on recent portrayals of female characters with, or connected to, political power. It slightly redefines women’s roles, but this is contained within the wider, masculine political and social institutions. – and corporate-dominated capitalist system.

Trailer for the first episode (episode shown this week on NZ TV3):

State of Affairs CIA workroom s01e01_163

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Not in our name: “No” to troops to Iraq

John Key has been softening the NZ public up for sending troops to Iraq for a few months (BLiP on The Standard).  He looks to have made the decision a while ago.  He has opted for the dodgy categorisation of sending troops for training, and providing intelligence support for bombing.  This is clearly because polling shows New Zealanders do not want NZ troops to be sent to Iraq in a combat role.


Nicky Hager explains, on Radio New Zealand this morning:

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