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John Key vs Clarke & Dawe: slippery as

This week David Parker cited John Key’s similarity to Clarke and Dawe. How similar are they? The slipperiness seems hilarious, until you look at the actual consequences: the erosion of democracy and the undermining of NZ’s independence (or what’s left of it) internationally. Today Toby Manhire exposes some of the contradictions.

John Key’s leadership is one of diverting from, burying, and avoiding any honest accountability.

David Parker does John Key as Clarke and Dawe – a true story. John Key in a press stand up, being question on his private dinner with Donghua Liu. [h/t The Standard]

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Metiria Turei – challenging the old boys Surveillance State Club

I have written before on how, in politics, “economics”, “finance” and leadership roles have strong masculine and power associations. Men largely being given responsibilities for these high profile portfolios.  The same is true of issues of international conflict and state surveillance services.

Yesterday, NZ Labour caucus leader, Andrew Little, was deeply insulting towards the NZ Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei.  Little failed in his obligation to consult with opposition parties when selecting opposition MPs to sit on the governments Intelligence Security Committee.


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Return of the ABCs

It’s thoroughly depressing to look at the NZ Herald this morning, to see the Labour Party ABCs are back to their treacherous ways. These ways involve feeding lines about internal party struggles to the mainstream media.

In doing this, they are, and have in the past, supported the kinds of attack politics used consistently by the National Party’s well-oiled smear machine.  The result of such organised attack politics is to drive away potential left wing voters.

The party I vote for will be the one that ticks the most of the following:

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Hard times in NZ

We had an election at the weekend, and the party of the haves got back into government with an increased majority.  This means a three more years of hardship, and this time, increased hardship for the least well off.  more beneficiary bashing and belt tightening for those already struggling on low incomes.  And more selling off of things the country values to the already wealthy and powerful overseas.


And it means more of the infotainment media as any remnants of public service media are further dismantled – Radio NZ?  Maori TV?

Here’s some analysis of what has happened.

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A view from outside the Labour Party Conference

A view from outside the Labour Party Conference

As a non-Labour person,  the Labour Party Conference seemed to start out very hopeful on Saturday, and with the Sunday morning remits….. then somehow for me it turned less hopeful.

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Running scared: ‘Truth is great and will prevail.’

Nicky Hager Jesson lecture

It’s interesting how much the knives are out for Cunliffe on behalf of the right wing columnists.  This is in a context when they are looking at a possible Labour-Green coalition to be the next government.   In the terms of Hager’s significant Jesson lecture this week, are such columnists journalists or PR people?

Hager began with a quote from a war memorial: Truth is great and will prevail.  For him this should be a guiding principle for good investigative journalism: the relentless pursuit for truth and facts beyond the political manipulations and PR distortions that passes for much of mainstream journalism in neoliberal times.

The attempts to present “both sides” of the story are superficial, and don’t demonstrate thorough investivative digging.  They present a side that is more in touch with the the proponents of neoliberal values, than with the interests of the general public. And they tend to follow the lines fed to them by a Labour and National Party PR people.  For instance we rarely, if ever, hear leaks from pro-Cunliffe people within Labour.

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