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Not so devious maids: Living with slavery

Slavery is alive and going on in homes around the world, including in homes in the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand.  Large numbers of domestic workers (AKA, in archaic terms, as “housemaids”), have little power or employment rights, and do most of their work behind the closed doors of people’s homes. Yet mainstream movies and TV programmes, from Downton Abbey to Devious Maids tend to present such jobs as being for caring and protective employers and/or as being powerful and glamorous.


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Return of the ABCs

It’s thoroughly depressing to look at the NZ Herald this morning, to see the Labour Party ABCs are back to their treacherous ways. These ways involve feeding lines about internal party struggles to the mainstream media.

In doing this, they are, and have in the past, supported the kinds of attack politics used consistently by the National Party’s well-oiled smear machine.  The result of such organised attack politics is to drive away potential left wing voters.

The party I vote for will be the one that ticks the most of the following:

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Hard times in NZ

We had an election at the weekend, and the party of the haves got back into government with an increased majority.  This means a three more years of hardship, and this time, increased hardship for the least well off.  more beneficiary bashing and belt tightening for those already struggling on low incomes.  And more selling off of things the country values to the already wealthy and powerful overseas.


And it means more of the infotainment media as any remnants of public service media are further dismantled – Radio NZ?  Maori TV?

Here’s some analysis of what has happened.

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A view from outside the Labour Party Conference

A view from outside the Labour Party Conference

As a non-Labour person,  the Labour Party Conference seemed to start out very hopeful on Saturday, and with the Sunday morning remits….. then somehow for me it turned less hopeful.

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