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Not so devious maids: Living with slavery

Slavery is alive and going on in homes around the world, including in homes in the UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand.  Large numbers of domestic workers (AKA, in archaic terms, as “housemaids”), have little power or employment rights, and do most of their work behind the closed doors of people’s homes. Yet mainstream movies and TV programmes, from Downton Abbey to Devious Maids tend to present such jobs as being for caring and protective employers and/or as being powerful and glamorous.


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With Key on its side

I do not support John Key’s government sending troops to Iraq as part of a poorly planned, dubious and futile campaign against the Islamic State.  A petition, hosted by GreenPeace explains why sending troops would be futile, and ultimately destructive.

John Key has been gradually leading us into sending (non-combat?) troops to Iraq to support the US-UK-led campaign against the Islamic state.

Below are videos of anti-war songs, and a poem, that help to explain who benefits and whose lives are damaged and destroyed from such wars.

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Return of the ABCs

It’s thoroughly depressing to look at the NZ Herald this morning, to see the Labour Party ABCs are back to their treacherous ways. These ways involve feeding lines about internal party struggles to the mainstream media.

In doing this, they are, and have in the past, supported the kinds of attack politics used consistently by the National Party’s well-oiled smear machine.  The result of such organised attack politics is to drive away potential left wing voters.

The party I vote for will be the one that ticks the most of the following:

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MSM as Hobbit PR

The MSM continue to publish Peter Jackson and Hobbit PR as if it was news.   This is a 4th estate fail, as it does no critical examination of Jackson’s complicity in undermining NZ unions andworkers’ rights in order to get funding for his movies.

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